Bullet vibrators  may seem small but that doesn’t mean they can’t help to create extreme orgasms. As well as being by couples too, vibrating bullets are great cheap fun filled powerful vibrators. If you feel daunted about using a bullet vibrator or don’t know exactly which one to buy, don’t worry we have a simple guide to help you. 

The first and very important thing to remember with the bullet vibrator is, there’s not wrong or right way to use it. The best thing you can do is spend some time experimenting and finding out what feel good for you!

The bullet vibrator doesn’t have to be used simply on its tip, you can move it on its side horizontally and experiment to get a larger area of vibration.

A key to remember also with the bullet vibrator it doesn’t have to be used just for clitoral stimulation it can be used for pleasure all over the body. For intense sensations why not try using your bullet on the anus or perineum.  Or use your bullet to tease around the nipples, maybe slide the vibrator on the inner thigh. Experimenting and using the bullet vibrator can lead you to find its perfect way of use for you.


Do you enjoy sex in the shower? Why not purchase one of our waterproof bullets and take your vibrating bullet with you. Leading to you experiencing a new sensation once again.


Lubrication can aid in using your vibrating bullet, a small amount can create an added silky sensation. This is heightened when it is used on the clitoris, leading you to experience a mind blowing orgasm.  


Perhaps you feel like single one speed bullet is not for you? Not to worry, we have a range of multi speed and functions vibrating bullets to help you achieve awesome overwhelming orgasms too.


Bullets don’t have to be just for solo play and women masturbation, why not introduce a bullet vibrator into your intimate relationship. Once again experimenting to find what works for you both, this may be in foreplay or using to tease one another. These incredible little bullets can be used to intense sensations and make you both feel amazing.

Bullet vibrators are amazing low-cost little toys be enjoyed by you both, if you really want to share that is. The bullet vibrator can be used so simply with your hands and you have full control of its movements. It can stimulate which leads to mind blowing orgasms. 

LoveYourSelf Onlines Top 3 Best Selling Bullet Vibrators

         SCREAMING O O GLOW MINI BULLET          screaming o glow

The only thing violent about these bullets are the intensely orgasms you’ll experience.


Discretion is the name of the game with this small yet pleasingly powerful bullet. These little beauties boasts seven functions. What’s more is totally waterproof. Give this little bullet a try, you won’t be disappointed.


This pure pleasure bullet is sleek and sexy, waterproof and is packed with features. Its 3 vibration speeds and 9 patterns lead to explosive orgasms with ease.