Sexual Confidence - How to feel confident in the bedroom. 

We all know some people appear to be built with a natural confidence. Whether this is something

which has been encourage and remains from childhood or a confidence we grow as we get older.

However feeling a lack of confidence in your intimate partnership can cause tension in your personal

relationship. You can end up pushing the one person you can trust and can feel at your most fearless

with away. Women tend to need more encouragement with sex were as men don’t seem to have the

same scale of self-esteem problems in other words not all but most men only seem to care about

getting some.

There can be so many reasons why you or your partner feel like this. You may have been bullied as a

child, and have a feeling of low self-esteem issues. The lack of desire could come from comparing

yourself to other perfect people in the media spotlight which is an unachievable target, we live in a

world where pretty people sell however they are not the reality. Looking at pornography material

where the majority of porn stars have had breast implants and large sized penises and girth. Illness

could be an affect for example having cancer and weight loss and even the removal of bodily parts

can leave you feeling with extremely low self-esteem. Pregnancy can leave a women feeling low on

body confidence, your body in pregnancy changes considerably, it stretches your stomach leaving

some mothers with stretch marks as well as changes to the vagina which can make women feel

undesirable and concerned how there partner will perceive their new body. There are lots of other

causes; grieving for a loved one, accidents, household stress and money worries. All stresses and

strains can leave us feeling unattractive, unappealing and repelling; we end up spending our time

worrying about all our problems and not thinking how we can do small things to make ourselves feel

cherished and adored. Women can often be worrying about what they are looking like at from a

certain angle and not concentrating on feeling comfortable in the moment. This may lead them to

struggle to orgasm and not enjoy the occasion causing tension between your relationships.

Although there are lots reason why you are feeling so low in confidence there are also some good

ideas to try to aid self-esteem. If you know your partner is feeling uncomfortable and lacking

confidence try to remain understanding and consider the reason why your loved one feels the way

they do, try to reassure them. They are not alone, a lot of people suffer from low self-esteem even

those pretty people in the media. Never assume that they know your thoughts, they don’t!! If you have

something you want to talk about, make time to discuss it even if you both feel awkward, you will

never overcome it without discussing it. If your partner has issues on their body image, compliment

them, make them feel special about themselves. Focus on the parts you love about them and let them

know why you love those parts. You are the one person who your partner needs feel bold in front of.

Let her know how much you crave them and they turn you on. Little steps can start to reassure her on

how enjoyable the whole process can be.

If you are a women feeling low on self-esteem why not consider buying something new which covers

up the parts you feel most self-conscious about. If you worry about your breast looking saggy

purchase an uplifting corset giving you an instant sucked-in, uplifting shape, or if you feel

uncomfortable being laced in by a corset why not dress up in a flowing easy baby doll. Take the time

to do yourself up, put on some of your favorite lippy and even wear those sexy shoes (which don’t

always go out very often) make yourself feel sexy. Consider spending time building tension between

you both, this can be as simple as sending each other some random sexy text throughout the day,

wearing a top you know exposes your best asset throughout the day. You will feel wanted and excited

before you even get into the bedroom (if you get to the bedroom). What about a totally different

approach in pretending to be different people, a bit of a role play and if you’re playing a different

person you may feel inspired to be that person and get carried away and only lead to a new

experience. Try and laugh about things together it will make you both feel more at ease there’s

nothing sexier than a women who can giggle its instantly attractive and irresistible. The more

confident you feel the more adventurous you will both become.

Lacking in self-esteem can seem like a big deal, although the solutions aren’t instant and if you can

both spend time working hard on it you can have a happy healthy intimate relationship which others 

can be jealous of. The more you try new things the more spontaneous you will both become having a

trust which aids your personal relationship too.

If you have any tricks you have tried that has helped your intimate relationship with confidence issue,

please let us know, we would love to hear from you.


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