Tips on how to use a wand massager

There are many,many different massagers on the market. To find out which is best for you, consider what you want in your massager. You can get battery operated massager as well as wands which plug straight into the mains, giving you much more power. Both, lead to mind blowing orgasms. The effect that these so called "magic" wands are having on women is incredible. More and more women are coming forward and admitting that for the first time ever, they have managed to orgasm with the help of a personal massager.

We recommend you take some time to think about what is the best massager for you. What do you want from your massager? Although they can all look very similar, they can have very different functions. Do you enjoy sex in the shower? Then a battery powered waterproof massager is probably for you. Do you have problems orgasming? Then go for something with a lot of power and different functions. Do you what something you can use on the move? You don’t want to be trying to find somewhere to plug you’re wand in if you’re out and about having fun so battery operated is best.

Get to know your massager before you start to use it. They are commonly known as body massagers due to the fact the can be used to massage. Why not start on your neck and back, start the vibrations slow and then gradually try out the range of functions your wand has to offer.
When you are feeling ready and relaxed try running your massager on your inner thigh and see how that feels before your go any further. If your with a partner, then you may wish to engage in foreplay before bringing the massager onto the scene.Some people prefer to get to know their shinny new sex toy before bringing it into partnered play.
You may wish to have a towel at the ready to cover the top of the wand and act as a barrier, as the power can very intense. This can cause some discomfort if you are not used to the strong vibrations.
Place the massager on your vulvar and the clitoris when you are ready, start at a low speed and progress to a power speed that’s good for you and until you reach a mind blowing orgasm.

Like with all vibrators, there’s no wrong way to use them. The right way, is the best way for you. There is a large range of different attachments for your wand massager that amp up the sexual sensations. Check out the various attachments right here.


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