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Whether you’re married and have been for some time or your still in the early stages of your relationship, being clear about your sexual desires is extremely important if you want a happy sex life.
There are lots of different ways to approach this subject with your loved one, finding the right way to explain your fetish or kink is key to them understand and wanting to explore.
Your probably know how to talk to your partner better than most other people, try to guide them into chatting quite honestly about sex in general before you come right out with it. Why not ask your partner if they have any fetishes first, this will enable you can see their reaction to the subject. All being well you can casually mention anything you enjoy or would like to try, again giving your partner time to see their reaction.
These intimate conversations are probably not something you want to start when you’re about to have sex, this may feel like you’re putting pressure one another.
When talking about your kinks and fetishes, it is advised you do it in a comfortable environment where you have some sort of intimacy, perhaps cuddled up chilling out of an evening. Being in a relaxed situation and feeling comfortable, it also means you can easily read your loved ones reactions too.
If this isn’t the right situations to start the conversations in, why not try bringing it up while you’re playing a sex game that can relate to the conversation. It can be extremely fun and take the edge off things.
Alternatively why not pick yourself up some of our IOU stickers place a sticky note on the refrigerator, mirror, computer screen, or somewhere they'll be sure to find it. When they have found your note, your partner can choose from one of the three different sexual scenarios, before returning the note to you with their desired selection.
If you have done everything you feel is possibly and your partner seem completely against it, don’t worry! It may seem like the end of the world and you may feel rejected but it is just a small hiccup. She/He may feel threatened or frightened by what you have said and asked. Give your partner time to digest and cool down it may literally just be a shock reaction.
Try to reassure your partner that you love them and enjoy having sex with them, you just feel like a fetish you have may result in you both having an even better sex life and in turn a better connection.
If after all these discussions if your partner is still not comfortable with your kink and does not wish to explore it, respect their choice. If someone is that against it continued discussion may take a strain on your relationship. It’s important to be respectful of one another.
On the occasion your partner is excited and wants to fulfil your urge to explore your kink or fetish, brilliant. Being in a relationship where are both up for trying new things and can reflect after is amazing and lets you to explore lots of different experiences.
Although your partner has agreed to explore your fetish make sure you confirm with Her/him along the way that they are comfortable. As with any new activity it best to ensure you are both safe and discuss boundaries. Try to set out rules before getting kinky and make sure you have that Magic “safe word or words” agreed and are both happy. Take things slowly you can over time build up the intensity.
Try to discuss both of your like and dislikes afterwards. Find out what your partner thought of it and if they would like to do it again and let them know how appreciative you are. Your partner may then even have their own new ideas of things they want to try, and the process may of opened a new adventurous side in you both.