H20 Vibe From Drop of Sweden

NEW H20 Vibe water Vibrator from Drop of Sweden at LoveYourSelf Online

The stunning new H2O Vibe propelles a steady stream of water straight to your clit whist the vibrator component unleash powerful vibrations on the G-spot for a unique blended sensation that we call an ‘aquagasm’. It’s a standard sized silicone sex toy made of top quality ABS soft silicone. The H20 Vibe is 100% waterproof and is designed to operate fully under water. The vibrator has three speeds and seven different patterns and offers a total of ten different stimulating experiences. The vibrator button is placed ergonomically and can be fully controlled by one hand only so the second hand is free to stimulate other body parts. H20 Vibe is a hybrid which means that it comes with two caps – one for normal play and one for wet play. The wet cap is easily connected to your showers hose and during play water hits the clitoris through a nozzle at the same time as the traditional vibrator stimulates inside the vagina. The combination is simple but very effective to reach a strong orgasm. All women are different so the nozzle is made of soft silicone and can be adjusted easily by a finger. The water jet intensity and temperature is adjusted the same way as when you are taking a normal shower.

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